Record Sealing, Expungement and Post-Conviction Services

Living with a criminal record is tough. That's why we make it easy to place your past behind. We specialize in expungement and can clear your record faster and for a lower price than other firms. Whether you are seeking to clear your record for employment purposes, restore your civil rights, restore your gun rights, or expunge your record for immigration purposes, we have experienced attorneys waiting to help you start your future. Call us today, and clear your good name. 877-573-7273

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Expungement and Record Sealing Services

If you have an arrest or conviction, we can help you expunge your record. Many states offer solutions to those seeking to clear their criminal record. Depending on the type of offense, there are many options to have your arrest or conviction expunged. Some states offer solutions that completely destroy your criminal record, where as others may only "set aside" a conviction. In California, if you were convicted of a felony, you may qualify for a "Certificate of Rehabilitation." Click on your state below to learn more information.

Probation Termination

Some states offer probation termination for those seeking to end their probation early. Generally, these cases are widely at the judge's discretion, but certain factors like the nature of offense, the time spent on the current probation sentence, past criminal activity, and documentable evidence showing you are seeking to turn your life around. As these cases are at the judge's discretion, you want to trust your case with experienced and specialized attorneys. Call if you are seeking to end your probation early. 877-573-7273

Seal Juvenile Records

Having a juvenile record can be equally detrimental in background checks to potential job prospects. If you are over 18 and have completed your sentence and paid all fines and resitution, you may be eligible to have your juvenile records sealed. Contact today to seal your juvenile records. 877-573-7273

Restore Civil Rights

Some states allow those who have been convicted of a felony (or multiple felonies) to have their civil rights restored. If you have been convicted of a felony, you may have lost the right to vote, hold public office or attend jury duty. If you are seeking to restore your civil rights, call at 877-573-7273

Resore 2nd Ammendment Rights, Gun Rights

If you have been convicted of a crime, you may have lost your gun rights. Many states offer solutions to restore your gun rights. Generally, non-violent offenders have a greater chance of having their 2nd ammendment rights restored, but to make certain, you want to contact at 877-573-7273